Kashif Din: the Unsung Hero of Technology and Business

 Kashif Din  is making huge contributions to the industry of technology, although few people seem to know his name. Din has been making waves in the tech world since roughly 2004 with the beginning of Quaduro systems. Dins successes speak for themselves, however.

Career and Contributions

Kashif Din has had a hand in the development of 4 companies in the United Kingdom. Each company has a clear technology focus, although Din is currently expanding his horizons to broaden his available goods and services.

 The first of these companies is Quaduro Systems. This company is intended to aid the military and industry by manufacturing durable tablets. Unlike iPads, these tablets run on windows software, which many people in the targeted settings are more comfortable using. Furthermore, the tablets are designed to be incredibly durable. Their robust designs allow the military, factory workers, other adventurous positions to use them without fear of damage. This durable technology could change the face of the military. It could also optimize production within factories and workshops.

The most recent business venture of Din’s is HireTablets.com. This company works unlike any other IT lending service. Instead, Hire Tablets makes iPads easily available, with appropriate software already downloaded, for business customers. Since the use of tablets is growing within the business community, their accessibility and affordability is crucial. Aware of this principle, Din works to ensure that his clients receive excellent service, which includes consultancy and software solutions. His IT service has bloomed, and customers within a wide radius enjoy the wonderful quality of service.

A Hero

What’s truly fascinating about Din’s career is that it began at startlingly young age of 19. At 19, the primary concerns of most college kids are partying and perhaps keeping up with classes. Din, however, was focused on creating a business. He turned his dreams into attainable goals, and then he reached them.

Starting a business is a risk. There’s always a chance that the business could fail, which scares most people. Even experienced businessmen and women are scared of the ever-present possibility of failure. For this reason, few children and teens aspire to start a business of their own. Entrepreneurship is not exactly a class that is taught in school.

Furthermore, kids and teens are taught to stick to certain conformities. For example, most are told that their only options are to go straight to college, and then find a job. The truth is, the world is full of richly exciting and frightening possibilities. Din wasn’t afraid to follow his passions, despite his young age. Children and teens should learn his success story, and learn that whatever passions they have, whatever dreams and ambitions, they are all attainable.

Din’s story teaches that success can be found without convention. Din did not wait to finish undergraduate school and then obtain a graduate degree. Nor did he begin in an entry level job after completing his schooling. Instead, Din took a risk while following his passions. That risk has lead him to 4 successful companies so far. Kashif Din is an unsung hero of determination, passion, and ambition.


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